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May 22nd, 2009, 05:41 PM
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OK, it looks like David may have been accepted into a different charter school. We're waiting on final approval right now. IF he gets accepted, we will have a school year budget. We will be able to choose our curriculum as long as it is not religious. Our year budget is $974. This can cover curriculum, supplies, classes, field trips, sports, etc...

So I need some ideas so that as soon as I get the call I can put in the request for curriculum funds.

David does not like writing too much, but there has to be some written work in each subject, even if its just a little (work samples). We need Math, LA, Phonics, Science, History, Art, and Spanish (well spanish or another elective but I really think spanish will be most beneficial to him at this time).

He loves science, and loves history. he likes hands on science the best. He loves history because he is so interested in the past. In math we need something that will capture his attention.

SO any suggestions. This will be 2nd grade level work.
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