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May 22nd, 2009, 10:04 PM
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Hi! I am new to the board. I frequent TTC #1 and so it may seen strange that I am here. My DH and I are TTC #1 (Duh lol) but I am trying to kinda decide what I want to do as my child(ren) grow up. We want between 2 and 4 kids in the long run and I think I want to home school.

Sorry I am writing a book.

My MIL home schooled my niece for one year when preschool didn't work out for her but now is going to put her is PS (a better one then she was in, hopefully it helps) where she will start 1st grade meaning she got through two grades in one year and I personally think that she could go to second if it wasn't for her behavior problems.

I want to be a SAHM so I think that homeschooling would be a great way to have my kids at home with me. Basically what I am asking is; How do I get info about homeschooling to know I am doing it all right so that my kids wont eventually have problems getting into college? I am in Texas if that helps.
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