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May 23rd, 2009, 12:17 PM
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I like Singapore science text books but Life circle 5+6 is NOT age appropriate. You can get young scientist kits so it's hands on. There's also Noeo Homeschool Science Curriculum

There's singapore math, Saxon's math, miquon math, mammoth math and math-u-see. Also you could just use math lit books like mathstartfor a little.

History- I would look at historical fiction books for history.

LA- Reading covered in all the other subjects
Spelling & phonics I use explode the code books for the extra writing
Grammar I would get a mad libs game or mad libs books from (we get ours from the dollar store)

Writing- I don't use a secular writing. sorry

Art- ????


Look at your local Zoos, aquariums, science museums, art museums and your Area Art counsel for events and classes.
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