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May 26th, 2009, 06:58 AM
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I have dyslexia and while I've learned to correct my self (sometimes it shows up in my posts ) I still deal with the aspects of dyslexia. reversing of numbers and letters, reading right to left/getting ahead of my self, difficulty with writing, spatial relations, time management, word recall, memory and mind blurriness. I didn't realize untill just recently that dyslexia involved all of the above. I mainly focused on my reversing of numbers and letters and reading issues, but lately I've had horrible memory problems and I've realized I've always just delt with word recall (when talking or writing I couldn't come up with the word I was trying to say/write so I'd substitue it with another word, but that word never quite means what I origonally intended to say.). So anyways I've started to notice a few things in my son, he's only 6 and just finished kindergarden and everyone tells me not to worry about it yet. I was diagnosed in 3rd grade with it and I'm mostly being told not to worry about it until at least 3rd grade. (My dad is also dyslexic)

But I can't help noticing that when he reads he is saying the last letter first (reading lines from left to right but words from right to left, I did this when I was little and if I read too fast I still do it). He gets so frustraited because he can't figure out the words with out help, so I have been underlining the first letter of each word he reads that he mixes up to try to help him learn to look at that letter first.

Currently he is reading a chapter book for his age, and is encountering words that he has not seen before. And I'm wondering if this is the reason that it's happening. He does get discouraged really easily so I just keep incouraging him and being really positive when he reads to try to help him through it. He is ADHD so I'm wondering if maybe its just his mind moving too fast. I guess it bugs me mostly because I understand how he's reading these words, I can see exactly how he is looking at these words and pronouncing them, because I do it.

Do any of you have any suggestions. I vaguely remember the exercises I did when I was younger to help me , Like writing in sand with my fingers so I can feel the way the letters should go and cutting out the shapes of letters. But I don't remember how I worked on my reading. I have gotten some note cards and I break up the words by covering the line below the word and covering the word so that he sees only the first few letters and then I move the card so he can see the rest of the word.

He mostly does it on words he's not familiar with, but he also sometimes does it on words I know he knows.

Sorry for being so long winded. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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