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May 27th, 2009, 09:01 AM
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After 2 weeks of being stuck at 3cm and 50%, my ob decided we could go ahead and induce bc he figured normal labor wouldnt happen for me lol so on the 26th of May, we hit the hospital at 7am for induction.

At 8am, they had just started my pitocin, and things began to go fairly quickly (ok real quickly LOL). I started having horrible contractions one right after the other somewhere around... 10:30am I think. And OMG were they BAD. I was literally sobbing I was hurting so bad. I haven't even experienced anything that awful IN MY LIFE! No matter what position I got in, nothing helped. The nurse came in and asked what she could get me and I said a shot gun LOL They gave me the epi around 11:10am I guess, and I started to feel much better. I was checked about 15 minutes later, and I was at 6cm.

The nurses let us be for a bit, and then at 11:50am the nurse came in and started asking me questions about feeling pressure and stuff of that nature. I kept thinking lady why are you asking me this??? Well, Erin's heart rate on the monitor had been doing whatever it does when the baby is about to come out (dropping or something she said, hell I can't remember lol) so I said no I can't really feel anything lol. Well she checked me, and barely got her hand in and her eyes got HUGE! She looked at the other nurse and said "You need to call Dr. Bradley NOW or we're going to have to deliver this baby! She's at +2!" So I was thinking omg and I didn't even know! Well, Dr. Bradley couldn't make it in time, so one of the other dr.'s in the practice, Dr. Ashmun, had to run downstairs to deliver LOL

Well, they hauled me up into the stirrups. John said everything happened so fast, that he doesn't really remember anything but a blur lol. The first push was more of a practice, even though it put her pretty much crowning lol the 2nd push brought her head out, and the third brought the rest of her out. Even though I couldn't feel her down that low, I was able to feel to push and I could feel her come out, but no pain. It was a lot different than with Justin. She laid my new baby on my chest and I just couldn't believe how tiny she was! Dr. Ashmun let John cut the cord, and they cleaned us both up.

May 26th 2009 12:08pm 6lbs. 7 oz. and 19 inches long


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