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May 27th, 2009, 10:21 AM
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Let's see if I'm better at keeping this one up versus my TTCAL journal!
Iím Samantha and DH is Jim, and we are currently 7 weeks pregnant. A little history- we started TTC in February 08, didnít get to serious about it till April when we got married. We got our 1st BFP in June, only to lose that pregnancy at about 6 weeks. We started ttc immediately and got our next BFP in October, I lost that one within the week. My OB went ahead and referred us to a specialist because of my age (37 then), and 2 m/cís. The first appointment was Dec 5.
The specialist almost immediately found a cyst in my uterus that was in the exact wrong place for implantation to occur successfully. He also diagnosed me with Hashimotos Syndrome or Hypothyroidism.
We had to wait till my next period to schedule surgery, and I ended up getting a BFP on Dec 23, but my numbers were mow and dropping. I m/c on Christmas day. They did schedule my surgery for January 14th.
Surgery went great. And the doctor and I convinced DH that we really needed to be proactive about getting pregnant. February was a resetting of my system, then we tried Clomid for 2 cycles with IUI, then in April we switched to injectables with IUI.

I got my BFP this time at 9dpo! Had beta levels drawn every couple of days and they were quadrupling!
My first u/s was on May 14th. We saw two ďblobsĒ. One was measuring perfectly for 5w2dís the other looked like it was deflated. The Dr. called it a vanishing twin. He warned me it could cause me to bleed. But I have not bled at all. I know it is a long shot, but Iím still hoping that when we go in for the u/s tomorrow we will see 2 heartbeats, although I will be very happy with one. I just keep thinking that after three losses I donít want to lose another one, even if I still have one healthy baby. It sounds selfish and greedy, but I want both of my babies. I know vanishing twins is not uncommon, most women donít even know that they were carrying twins, because most donít have early u/s. I do feel very good about this pregnancy over all, as I have never made it to 7 weeks.

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