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May 27th, 2009, 12:42 PM
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This is really weird, but I took generic clomid (serophene?) last month and felt like crap, had horrible ovary pain, felt myself ovulating, ovulated on day 16 and had bad migraines. This month I had to pick up my meds somewhere else and they gave me name brand Clomid but this time...I didn't get half as many headaches or side-effects, haven't had hardly any ovary pain and have no sign of ovulating!! Last month I was also really dry around this time, this time around I'm not dry at all.

Last month I used a digital OPK (clear blue, the $200 monitor) and I had high fertility for about 4 days before having one day of peak fertility (peak fertility = day of ovulation). This month I've had zero days of high fertility so far . Even though I was dry for awhile before ovulating, when I did O I had ewcm. Like I said, this time I'm not dry at all but don't have EWCM.

What's going on ? Could there be a difference or is this just my body going crazy?
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