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May 28th, 2009, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by ShaunaB View Post
Welcome! I'm originally from Fresno but I don't know of any resources for you I'm afraid. If a birthing center or home midwife isn't an option, I suggest laboring at home until the last possible moment. Then by the time you get to the hospital you'll just push the baby out.

Although you didn't get quite what you wanted in your previous births, I have to say it sounds like you had pretty nice births for hospital births. Being able to birth twins vaginally even with an epi is incredible! And having NCB with your last is amazing! I can totally understand your desire for a home water birth, but I would seriously think twice about doing so unassisted. While we all know that homebirths are just as if not more safe than in the hospital, this is with a trained midwife professional.

Maybe try contacting a doula in your area and see what OB/midwife/hospital they recommend for getting as close to what you want as possible.
I know I won't be going unassisted. It's tempting for me, but I know deep down I could never do it. It's just too scary for me to even try. All the unknowns and IF something were to go wrong ... ahh, I'd never forgive myself.

As for my previous births -- you're right! I got very lucky and while I may not be totally happy with the outcomes, I definitely realize things could have turned out so much worse. The major difference I noticed between medicated and unmedicated were the after birth. With the twins, they didn't nurse until the following morning (they were born in the 6pm hour) and I barely remember anything until the following morning, as well. With Reicher, I was fully alert and able to spend 6 incredible hours with him until we went to sleep. He stayed with me ALL night and never left my side. When he went somewhere, DH went with him. And Reicher nursed right away and was a champ with BFing until about 6 weeks ago when he self weaned. I was also stuck in the hospital for 3 days following the birth of the twins. With Reicher, I signed a waiver and went home just 18 hours after delivering.

Anyway, thanks again!! There's a birthing center in San Francisco - 2 hours from here. I'm going to try contacting them and see what advice/suggestions/help they can offer.

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