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May 28th, 2009, 08:02 PM
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I found it very, very difficult to concentrate fully on Noah when I finally did hold him. I had a C-section just two hours prior so that both Noah and Julia could be delivered. I was recovering back in the very delivery room they had checked me into when the perinatologist told me he couldn't find Noah's heartbeat. I was in a horrible frame of mind because I didn't expect to deliver two months early let alone hear that my son was dead.

* I wish I had known about NILMDTS.
* I wish I had more time to hold Noah (there was a limit because we had elected to have an autopsy performed on him).
* I wish I had taken pictures of ALL of him and not just his blanket-wrapped body.
* I wish I had his handprints; his hands and fingers were perfect.
* I wish I got to bathe him, to dress him, to kiss him more than I did
* I wish I didn't have to hear my OB tell the Anesthesiologist "call it" followed by the Anesthesiologists announcement of "10:41 a.m." I vividly remember that detail in the OR; it was when my OB delivered Noah.

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