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May 28th, 2009, 08:26 PM
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The best thing to do is intensive phonics. However, you can "build" the letters using playdough, make sandpaper(or cloth) letters to stick on cards so they can be traced, write with fingers in sand/rice, and make flash cards with the "different" part of the letters in a different colour (ie, d, b, p, q... the sticks each would be different colours). When you get to spelling, "finger spelling" is helpful. It starts with "how many sounds are in the word? count them, then count them on your fingers, then spell the word... make sure you use the correct number of sounds" You can use blocks to help teach suffixes and prefixes, you can use the "baby" alphabet blocks for early reading/spelling (kindergarten/gr.1). There's so much stuff that you can do, but the biggest thing is lots and lots of phonics and practise.
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