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May 29th, 2009, 02:12 AM
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I thought this would happen at 12mths not almost 3yrs! LOL

And I am very aware that my D has always been a big booby baby and alot of others are down in nursings much sooner so bare with me when I celebrate that for two nights now D had her bedtime feed then morning instead of another one or two times IN the night.

Admittadly the 'morning' one starts at about 4-5am and she stays pretty much attached until getting up time at 7am so still a long one! But the bedtime one (7pm) is only 10-15 mins.

She's never slept through the night fully and still wriggles and has lots of dreams but a cuddle or a hand on her tummy or head seems to settle her now instead of needing to nurse so I feel thats a breakthrough! (and I've been told recently that not all babies sleep through the night even when not BF )

I was actually looking up links for someone else and this one (below) bolstered my reasons for extended nursing and I am actually feeling stronger about going beyond my age-3 long as it is just the bedtime/morn I feel more confident of her doing it by herself (to think 6mths ago she was on 10+ nursings a day and night).

Of course that also depends on me fixing my fertility issues. If I can 'fix' it I can let D self-wean but if I can't I will need to wean after she is 3 so that I can get fertility treatment from the doctors.

lol, I always talk too much! But anyways, there it is! Things are progressing! At this rate she'll wean anyways before I ever fix my issue! Won't that be a laugh!

Oh and lastly - I want to say a huge THANKS to you all here who have been very supportive of me despite, perhaps, not understanding my reasons for extended nursing and wanting to allow self-weaning. You've made me very welcome and not judged me on my decisions! So thanks so much!
Jo xxx

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