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May 29th, 2009, 06:32 AM
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You're welcome!

I also thought of a few more things...

A ruler or other straight edge under the line being read on a page can help keep a kid on track, especially if you put a green dot at one end, and a red one at the other end (start and finish ends!). Also, make sure he is tracking where he is reading with his finger... a lot of schools teach kids not to because it "isn't grown up" or whatever, but it really helps kids read better, and not lose track of what end of a word they're at.

I do have a friend who finds coloured overlays to help her, so you might experiment with different colours of cellophane with him to see if any colour might actually help him to read better.

Magnetic letters are available in both upper and lower case, and my mum used them with my sister (who is SEVERELY dyslexic) for spelling/reading stuff until she was about 12... and we used them with the toddlers in the home for the same thing, lol.
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