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May 30th, 2009, 09:59 AM
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Ok it's CD 23. My cycle is usually 26/27 days. I'm 10DPO. I've been getting really bad headaches and bad cramps af if I have AF, also The last two days I've had bad Diarrhea (Sorry TMI). This is normal when AF is here. I know I'm obsessing over small things but I have to say the 2WW is very hard to do. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I won't think about it.

On the plus side my temps have gone up I think thats a good sign

Maurice is doing very well on his med's. I spoke to his Dr. he said that his anti-depression med's sholud have no effect on his sperm count but it could effect his desire to BD... If we get a BFN in a few days he'll will check his cperm just to make sure.

I had my bloods taken on Tue so I'm waiting on them back but it's bank holiday in Ireland so it'll be Tue when they come back. I'm hoping my levels are higher but I'm thinking I might test on tue if AF dosen't show. I just don't want to do it know I really don't want to see a BFN.
So I have another 4 day wait.... God what will I do with myself.


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