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May 30th, 2009, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by TrinitysMommy View Post
Jessica, I hope you have better luck with your pedi than I did. My daughter had the same problems with spitting up when she was about Hayden's age. We knew it wasn't reflux because she wasn't showing signs of pain. She was just a frequent spitter. At first the doctor just blew it off, like "Babies spit up. No big deal." Until I kept going and bothering her enough that she recommended a formula change.

What kinda formula is he drinking? Powdered, RTF, or concentrate? Maybe he can't tolerate it and needs it in another form. I think that's part of what helped Trinity's spitting. I think the concentrate may have been too heavy for her little tummy, but the powder's been great.
He's on the powdered similac advance early shield.. maybe i should try the other forms then before switching completely?? hmm thats interesting..its just getting hard to live with, its literally after every feeding now..

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