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May 30th, 2009, 06:05 PM
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I swear if I here that one more time I am likely to snap. My dd is 7 years old(Serena) and our son (Xander) is (ironically) 7 weeks on Monday

Why do people think that just because there is an age gap it's an OOPS. I assure you it wasn't. In fact we tried for about a year before we conceived him. Before that we just weren't ready. Serena was a welcomed surprise. I didn't want anymore until we were married and living in a house. We had a 2 bedroom apartment and also we wanted to be sure our jobs were stable. We didn't get married immediately because we didn't want her to be the motivation to us getting married. We had her in 2001, engaged 2004, married 2005 and then the two year search for a house began. We bought and moved into a house in August 2007 and immediately started to try. We got our BFP August 2008. I had a due date of May 5, 2009 but he made his early appearance on April 13.

Anyway it just frustrates me that people think because there is a gap you didn't mean for it to be. This is what worked for us. And let me tell you have being on bedrest this pregnancy I do not regret having a 7 year old. I cannot imagine how chaotic it would have been if she were any younger!
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