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June 1st, 2009, 01:39 PM
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I adore Breaking Dawn, its my favorite of the entire series hands down.

Midnight Sun will be released (She's under contract to finish it). Plus she's stated in multiple interviews that she cant rest until all 5 are on her mantle, bound together as they should be. The book is already written in her head, its translating it to paper (which is most likely done as well) and letting all the drama die down

She also knows exactly who leaked it (she knows it wasnt Rob). There were multiple versions of Midnight Sun, in different areas of editing. She knows who had each copy. Multiple times I've heard suspicion of Catherine Hardwick unintentionally letting it out of her sight and then it being stolen and leaked, but who really knows what happened

There is always more that could have been written but the books are pretty packed as they are. We couldnt always hear more about other characters because this is Bella's story, and always has been. She may expand on other characters, but this was the story about Bella, from Bella, not even the story of Bella and Edward.

You can steal the Jacob gif too if you want

There is a 100 page thread on WTTC Grads about Twilight, I update it very very often and have very up to date info on there
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