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June 2nd, 2009, 07:53 AM
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Good thread.

I don't think I would change much, just b/c the story is what it is. A good love story. Although, I am more of a Team Jacob, from first read I just felt for him and his feelings toward Bella. I wish maybe they would have almost had the two of them actually sort of start a relationship before she went to Italy in New Moon. I know the reason for the connection ends up being renesmee, but I guess I felt like Bella kinda used him for a while. That said, as much as I love jacob, I still love the bella/edward love story. I know, its a weird stance?!?

I also just have that thing for the bad boy, and when he turns wolf he gets pretty bad *****!

The movie trailer was awesome! so excited! On they broke it down in freeze frames, so I all ready have a frame of jacob/taylor (shirtless!) on my cell phone! ha, obsessed.

My fav of the series were New Moon & Eclipse, esp. Eclipse...I really liked all of the history given for the native americans and the individual Cullen stories. And the battle was awesome! Can't wait to see how they make that into the movie.

~~~~~~~Here's a ?~~~~~

Did you find it easy to associate with Bella's feelings/thoughts or not?

Sometimes some of how she felt I could relate to, just all the high school type stuff & of course with some of her feelings towards Edward and Jacob. Like I've been thru similar experiences with relationships.
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