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June 2nd, 2009, 08:03 AM
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Ok ladies, I really need advice because I'm kinda getting worried...First of all I'll start by saying, I'm just finishing my 4th Period!!...I had pp bleeding for 4 weeks, then two weeks of nothing, and then it all started...EVERY 2 WEEKS! It has never been terribly crampy, or extremely heavy. The first one was very typical for me. I was moody, and slightly crampy, then it started, and lasted it's normal length. Then two weeks later without any warning I started spotting, and it turned into a light period (more of the pink/brown colored stuff, like old blood, with the occasional red spot) but no cramps, or moodiness. Then two weeks later I had a regular one again, that was a bit heavier (still NOT heavy though), and so it has continued, every other week!!
Has anyone ever had this? Is this normal?
My sister thought maybe ovulation spotting, because the "between" ones are so light...But they don't seem light enough for that. My MIL said it sounds like what she experienced after her miscarriage, and wondered if there might be "something leftover"...but my midwife delivered the placenta and it was fully intact! She even inspected it right in front of me, talking to me through it all (upon my request). So what would be in there, to be "left over"? Also wouldn't I be bleeding a LOT more if that were the case? My mom thinks I'm just a very active person, and might be over doing it a bit! but doesn't think I have anything to worry about...

I don't know if I'm making any sense!

Most of all, this is just annoying! But I guess I just want to know if I need to be watching for something more serious. Any ideas?

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