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June 2nd, 2009, 09:26 AM
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Is she staying in her own curve, losing weight, or just staying the same. The answers are different for all three. If she is gaining, even is very slow, but is not losing weight and has no other problems than it doesn't seem as if FTT would be a problem just meaning that she isn't growing very quickly. If she is losing weight that is different because with as much as she is eating she should at LEAST stay the same. Does she have diarrhea or anything digestive such as reflux? If so that will contribute quite a bit to the lesser weight gain or loss.

I know I had more questions than answers but FTT is not a cut and dry diagnosis. If she is small but fine proportionaly and in every other aspect of health ( growing, motor skills, eating well,etc.) than it isn't really a problem but more of a worrier. are NOT a bad mother...there is NOTHING that you haven't allready done. You ARE feeding her care about her EXACTLY as you should and how you should. Doctors and diagnosis about our LO's are the most nerveracking things that everyone here understands at one point or another will make you feel like a horrible mom. REMEMBER that you are not a horrible mom and that you are the BEST person for your baby now and forever!
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