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June 2nd, 2009, 02:08 PM
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Awww thanks Nancy!! You're my 1st journal response!!

Luckily we were living on our own... but we were right smack in the middle of Philly which has too much traffic, too many people and too little space! Now we're in Delaware and we have soooo much more space. Cinder is happy she doesn't have to pee on concrete anymore, DH is happy that he has a lawn to mow & Little is happy that there are tons of birds and squirrels that come right up to the windows!

Where in CA are you guys? I lived in So. CA for 10 years and loved it!! I didn't want to come back to the east coast, but I was still a minor and didn't have much say in the situation. I had every intention of going back after I graduated... alas, life had other plans for me. But that's ok, because if I had gone back to CA, I never would've met DH.

You have a fireplace too! The house we lived in in CA had a fireplace. We did use it, but you're right... it doesn't really get so "cold" in CA that you'd need it. They do create wonderful ambiance!! I kept hoping we'd have some romantic fireside night and that's how we'd conceive. HA!

I love Christmas... it's, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. But I haven't been excited about Christmas in years because we always lived somewhere really tiny so we didn't have the space to have our families over or anything, barely had room for a tree, etc... so when it started getting close to Christmas, I was getting really depressed.

This year, talk about a total 180!! I am tickled to death that the warm weather is here FINALLY! But, I am sooooo geeked for Christmas this year!!! I've already decided in my head where the tree is going to go and how I'm going to decorate the entire house!! We also get to host the annual Christmas Eve gift exchange with friends at our place this year!!

I'm telling you. The more I think about things, the more it seems to make sense that I didn't get pregnant back when I so wanted to because now everything seems to be lining up just right.

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