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June 2nd, 2009, 08:47 PM
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At that age we did not do structured school time but I was working towards self control and creativity. Each child would have room time-we worked up to 1 hour where they would play independently in their room. I made sure they had a limited choice of toys so it wasn't a free for all (and every couple of days I'd rotate to a different box of toys.)

I set a timer and increased the time each day. It was wonderful to see them mature and learn to play by themselves and have the self control to stay in their rooms. With just a few toys, they didn't get overwhelmed and they came up with some neat play ideas. Later on this lead to reading- time so it paid off big time.

I'm a pretty structured person so the day was broken down into little pieces. They seemed to find security in knowing what was next. I think if your child is showing readiness for formal learning then by all means give them small pieces.
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