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June 3rd, 2009, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by ruby14 View Post

About taylor being 17...i often forget that too, but i don't think there's really anything wrong with checking him out...obviously he/the directors know what they are doing when they put him on screen half naked. ha. Remember when there was that countdown site for the Olsen twins turning 18? Men can do that and no one cares. Besides i'm in my twenties, and i know some 40+ women who have made comments about him! One lady I read had a grandson his age and still admitted to thinking taylor was hot!

LOL My neighbor and I were just talking about this. I was saying how I felt so wrong thinking he was hot because i am 8 years older than him. Then she reminded me that DH is in love with Taylor Swift and that's perfectly fine?? lol DH thinks it's wrong, but the boy is cute! You just cant deny that no matter how old you are!

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