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June 3rd, 2009, 03:06 PM
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Entry #3

One of my favorite things in the whole world is happening right now... a summer Thunderstorm!! Cinder is hating it right now because she always wants to be in her yard now that she has one, plus she's afraid of the thunder.

So, of course I'm still thinking and thinking about this whole O day thing. FF had always said that it anticipated O on CD 16, which would be the same day as last month. Made sense. So when I got my +OPK on CD 12 it was clearly earlier than I had expected. But then again, I thought I've only got one decent chart on FF (all the others were from when I was really sick and they show it!) so maybe it doesn't have enough info to really be able to anticipate what my body is going to do.

*Sigh* Ok... I got pregnant back when I was 18. Suffice to say, it didn't work out, but I still have memories of how I felt back then to kinda compare things to now. So with that being said, last month we were so sure that we had gotten pregnant. There were things happening that I couldn't explain away.

For example, I'm a total puker. What I mean when I say that is that I have no aversion to vomiting, I don't get off on it or anything. LOL! Whenever I feel nauseous and I vomit, I instantly feel better, so it's a good thing in my mind. DH on the other hand would rather be kicked in the ding ding than puke, I don't get that. But I digress...

So, I O on CD 16 of last month. BDing was timed pretty well.

By 6 DPO in addition to my normal sore bbs I was really gassy and constipated.

By 8 DPO, that evening I had cramps that made me feel sure AF was coming along with some pain on my left hand side, in addition to the gas, sore bbs and constipation. Plus, FF was calling for AF to be due the following day.

The next morning, 9 DPO, I still had some residual cramping that quickly went away. By that evening I was once again gassy, constipated and now I had nausea. Still no AF.

The nausea got so bad I literally flew from the sofa to the bathroom so fast DH shouted after me "You okay?" LOL! I hung my head in the bowl, drooled for a while and then puked fully expecting to feel relief. No such luck. I still felt just as green around the gills as I had before.

The next day was pretty much the same as the day before. Really gassy, constipated, nauseous, along with being sore, it now seemed my bbs felt heavier. I had to drive to the train station to pick up DH and when he got off the train he found me with my head hanging out the passenger side window... drooling. Still no AF.

By 11 DPO I was an emotional basket case. I found myself weeping about characters in movies that I hadn't even watched. I turned on the tv and there were maybe 20 mins left in a movie and I started bawling because the lady was dying. I was so overly emotional.

Every month I take my dad for his eye injections (he has macular degeneration and can't drive anymore) and do some errands for him. As I was standing in the bank waiting for the teller to cash a check, I came over so nauseous I had to lean my head on the counter. The teller started to apologize for taking a while and I explained it had nothing to do with her, that I just wasn't feeling well. I literally felt so weak in the legs, like I was going to collapse. The last time I felt like that was when I was 18 years old.

I continued to have some mood swings the rest of that night and into the next morning. That morning, I noticed a twinge of pink in my CM. I didn't think too much of it because while a touch lower than the day before, that morning my temp was still fairly high.

As the day progressed I began to have some cramping and the pink CM gave way to spotting, which by the next morning bounced between spotty and very light, but my temp was still the same as the day before, so I was totally confused. By Monday my temp was 97.3 and I had a normal flow for one day.

Now, what exactly all of that was... I guess I'll never really know. Deep down, I think I experienced a very early m/c. DH doesn't like it when I say that... but I tried to explain that even though it's sad, if that's what it was, then it's also the closest we've ever gotten, and that's something.

So... I took that long journey to come full circle back to my current cycle. So, FF was saying it anticipated O on CD 16, just like last month, yeah? Well, now FF is saying it thinks I O'd on CD 12. I was talking to DH on the phone telling him all about it and he said "Well, if people are saying that a high temp in the next day or so might make it move to CD 16, can't you just fudge some fake temps and see what it does?" I tried that and it won't move. FF really seems to like CD 12!

Now I'm wondering if O'ing earlier in my cycle would be a good thing, since I've had really short LP's in the past. I'm totally not stressing about it, because I really believe we BD'd enough for either O day this cycle.

I just have a very analytical mind and when faced with a mystery... I can't help myself. :shrug:

Originally Posted by ~*Jackie*~ View Post

Well, like I said in the forum, I so think you really O'd on CD 16. I can bet, if you get a higher temp tomorrow, *and* you take out that OPK, it would change your CH's... Hmmm- are you for sure that it was a very positive OPK? Gosh I hate reading those things!
It was clear as day to me when I first looked at it, then I questioned myself so I took a pic and posted it. It was unanimous... everyone said it was positive.


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