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June 3rd, 2009, 07:31 PM
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This past Monday I started my period about a week early. I had missed one prometrium pill the preceding Friday I believe. (I'm weird and take prometrium 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. (and yes I did talk with my doctor about it.)) Normally when my period is coming I get crampy and whatnot a couple of hours to a day before and then cramp horribly the first day or two. Also I'll have just a day of more 'spotty' (just there when I wipe) blood then a day of heavier blood then it lightens up.

Well Monday morning It was HEAVY when I wiped. I always wear a pad at first sign of spotting anyway so I dug my pads out from where I keep them and put one on. Good thing too because it was HEAVY flow from there on. I use cloth pads and I probably don't change them as often as I should, to be perfectly honest, because they do such a good job of absorbing and I really don't notice needing to change them, where as with traditional disposable pads I'd change it pretty much every time I went to the bathroom because it got uncomfortable. Well this time I've been changing it like every time I'm at home and use the bathroom because they are just getting saturated. It's insane!

I guess my cycle could have been thrown off because of missing the 1 pill and because of the stress of moving and everything. But it was insanely short. It was only 22 days before I started bleeding. I hope that it starts to lighten up soon though. Normally I wait until my period's completely done before I wash my pads but I had to do a load early this time.

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