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June 4th, 2009, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Sawyer's Mommy View Post
I was wondering if you could make me 2 blinkies

the first one saying proud single Mommy since 7.8.08

the 2nd one saying Sawyer is turning one

i like the bigger blinkies taller.

Sure, I will hopefully have them in pickups tonight or tomorrow.

Hello, Will you make a couple of board blinkies pretty please?

I like this one it's cute - will you do a couple more like it without the picture of the family on the side - 2 different colors? Fun summer bright colors for one and lighter summer pastels for the other.

Will you do a huge favor for me on this one??? Sorry, I didn't notice it before. Will you change Latter Day to Latter-day for me please?

Thank you so much!!![/quote]

Sure, I will work on these but probably not until tomorrow.
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