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June 4th, 2009, 01:10 PM
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Congrats on having #2. That's great news.

Personally, for me, 18 months is pretty young still to be put into a toddler bed, but with your circumstances, I don't think you have much of a choice. I would start transitioning your daughter about a month or two prior to you giving birth. Make it a big deal that she's going to be in a big girl bed. I would totally remove the crib from her room so that she gets used to sleeping in her toddler bed. I would not recommend you do this after you give birth because it's going to be a very tiring time for you. I'd make it easy for yourself and do it before.

It's going to be real trying for you because she's not going to like it (Caleb was just over two and he had a hard time initially). It will take a good week or two for her to get really used to it.

Once she gets used to the bed, then you should be ok for a few months until you put your second daughter in the room. Once she realizes that she's a big girl, then you can move the crib back into the room.

As for the booster seat, I moved Caleb into one at around the 15-18 month mark, but that's because he just looked too big for the high chair. And he transitioned very quickly. In fact, he liked it alot. You might be able to start here in a couple of months and see how she does. You might be able to start that sooner than later if she does well.
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