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June 4th, 2009, 05:17 PM
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I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday. My own doctor is away, so I saw someone I've never seen before. First the nurse did my chart, so I was put through the past history questions. "What pregnancy is this". Fourth. "How many live births?" One. "And the other two?" One stillbirth, one ruptured ectopic.... So many questions. Ugh. Then the doctor came in and told me he had been looking over my file, and that I was a very complicated case. I am now obsessing over the meaning of this. Does this mean I am high risk? He told me I was due for some good luck, and to just keep focusing on that. Really, he was a very nice man, but I am glad to have my doctor back for my next appointment. Going over the same painful ground is just getting old, if you know what I mean.
I have my IPS (I think it is the same as nuchal testing) ultrasound. I am extremely nervous. I just want a healthy baby, but at this point I am starting to feel like that will never happen for me. I haven't told anyone about the pregnancy, and I won't let dh tell anyone. He's told me that it is stupid to wait, but I want to at least get through this ultrasound first. I keep waiting for the stress and worry to ease off a bit, but it hasn't happened yet. I keep telling myself to just get past this milestone and it will be OK, but then there is just another milestone to get past. Was it like this for the rest of you? Does it ever get easier?

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