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June 4th, 2009, 05:38 PM
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Crystal - Considering the news you got today, I'll take it with more than a grain of salt, if you don't mind! LOL!! You're right though, I should let the software do it's thing instead of monkeying around with it to make it look like I think it should look.

It's just so weird, because according to FF, I'm 7 DPO and I totally don't feel like anything is happening this month. Aside from me being really easily irritated with DH today at the DMV! We still hadn't switched our licenses and stuff from PA to DE, so we went to do that today. He told me he had looked online and found what we needed and we were good.

Well, we get there and we don't have the stuff needed for me. It's not a big deal really, we just have to get the stuff and go back, but man was I irritated!! I started shoving stuff back in my wallet all huffy. DH actually asked me when we got in the car "Are you okay? I thought you were gonna cry in there."

Jackie - I took the OPK results out (before I logged on here) and it moved O day to CD 15. But after reading everyone's thoughts, I put it back in and I'm just going to leave it be.

My temp this morning was 97.9 so we're on a steady uptick. Let's hope it's a trend!!

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