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June 4th, 2009, 07:40 PM
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Yeah I was so tired of repeating my story over and over to new doctors, interns, students and so on. I mean it was right there in my file in front of them and i would leave the office so frustrated at times. I broke down and started crying with one doctor this last time because I had so many complications and then this new person asking me the same **** questions when he had my file and I could see it was written there.
I was considered high risk because of the stillbirth and then the gestational diabetes added to it and this last time high blood pressure.
And yes it was like that for me. Each appointment and u/s and each one was one more hurdle to get over to reach my goal. I said that too, after this u/s i will tell people and then it was after this appointment. I was scared from start to finish. Even when Owen came out alive I still kept asking if he was ok and if he was alive. When I was seeing my baby on the u/s and was told everything looked good i was fine but then the next day i was back in fear mode. I wish it was easier.

Owen, Avery, Samantha and forever missing Jake born still 08/01/99.

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