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June 4th, 2009, 08:56 PM
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I'm nervous as hell about going to my first appt. Not only is this my first pregnancy after loss, but it's also at a new Dr.'s office also. I don't even know if I'm going to use this office because there are a few Dr.'s there and one of them doesn't even accept my insurance. I don't pay a dime out of pocket for pregnancy except for a $10 co-pay so if I get stuck with this Dr. for delivery I would have to pay for it, uh-uh.. no way!!! That's just ridiculous! I also don't know if I'm comfortable with having all these Dr.'s, I know I'm going to have to tell my story 1 million times and I know it's all there in my file because I GAVE THEM THE PAPERWORK ON WHAT HAPPENED!! It's so stupid, you go to the Dr.'s office and they ask you the same questions over and over and everything is still the same, READ IT! All you should have to answer is this question: Has anything changed since you're last visit? If you say YES, then start asking more ???? if I say no, then take a second and look over the papers. UGH!! I hate Dr.'s!!

Laurie, I hope it gets easier for you! I know it's so hard to not worry, but try to take it easy every now and again. At least a few minutes of closing your eyes and meditating. HUGS sweetie!

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