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June 5th, 2009, 08:41 AM
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Entry #4

Happy Happy Friday!!

Temps are still on the climb... granted they are small increments, but they are still going up and that's what counts. I'm really trying to take a lighter approach to the whole symptom watch this cycle, and maybe that's because I don't think I've felt that much really.

DH's little brother is graduating from high school today, which under normal circumstances would seem to not really be a HUGE deal. However, DH's family has had some really rough patches. DH had some struggles early on due to his parents divorcing, his dad remarrying a Harpy-Shrew who hated him because he looks like his mother and the Harpy-Shrew was unable to have a baby of her own. Luckily, FIL did leave her, eventually.

DH's one sister got pregnant at 16 and his other sister just recently admitted that she has a drug problem. So his brother graduating high school today with a 3.5 GPA is a pretty big freakin' deal!! He's actually talking about going to an Aeronautical university. I'm so proud of him!!

So, BIL calls while DH and I are at Johnnie's Dog House the other day (mmmm! soo good!!) to find out if DH is coming to his graduation. DH tells him he doesn't think he can make it. After he hangs up, I ask him what the deal was and he tells me that BIL wanted him to come to graduation, but he only has 1 ticket left, so he wasn't going to go because there wasn't a ticket for me. (Bless him)

I told him he shouldn't miss his brother's graduation just because I can't go. I think it's sweet and darling that he would think to stay home with me, but it's silly. So I told him "We're so proud of him, this is a big deal and you should be there. Don't worry about me, I'm a big girl, I can be left home alone." LOL!! Really it wasn't even a question for me... he should be there, period.

I said "You call him back right now and tell him that you will be there." So DH called back and everyone was very happy that he'd be there. I told him that he's the big brother, he's the eldest, and he's the most successful in his family. It's important for him to be a presence and a role model to his younger siblings. Granted, some of them have made a real mess of things, but they are still young and they can still turn things around. If they see what their brother has done amid all of the struggles he's had in life, he can be a real example of possibility to them.

So, I'm bummed that I won't see DH until late tonight because the graduation doesn't start until 6:30 and it's about a 2 hour drive from us. I know he said he wants to talk to his brother about his future, what he wants to do, etc. So, it'll probably be LATE tonight when he gets home.

BUT... I'm happy, because he's going to be coming home with my new kitten!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited to be getting a new 6 week old furbaby!!! Oooh, I just can't wait for him to get here so I can love him all up!! We weren't supposed to be getting the kitten until next weekend, but since DH is going up for the graduation today, it made sense to bring him home tonight.

I really wish it would stop raining. I still have a lilac bush, cherry blossom and maple tree to mulch and this rain is keeping me from getting it done. Luckily, we got a lot done on Sunday and Monday with the beds, but those trees still need to be done, and I really want this pile of mulch out of my driveway!

I think this is gonna be a movie watchin', stayin' in bed with the furbabies kinda day.

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