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June 5th, 2009, 09:26 AM
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Yeah Jackie, DH and I are total animal people. We actually got our dog when we had only been together about 6 months! When I think back on it, that's a HUGE commitment that early on in a relationship, but I always had a feeling that he was the one, so it worked out! The most we had was 2 dogs and 2 cats! That was a three ring circus!

Crystal - I was reading your post on Nan's journal... "And honestly my BBS are NO where as sore as they have been before. And I feel the same, THEY AREN'T EVEN BIGGER!!"
I feel the EXACT same way. My bbs are nowhere near as sore as they have been the past 2 months and they don't feel as heavy as they've felt before. And didn't you have O pain on your left side this month? I thought I remembered reading a post about pain on your left side this cycle.

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