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June 5th, 2009, 09:41 AM
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I am so happy for your BIL AND that your DH is attending his graduation. You are so right, he should be there. You are such a great wife to push him to go!!! Awwwwe a new kitten!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE kittens. I would have a million kittens if I could...but not cats. LOL I like when they are little but then they turn to b*****s when they get older. lol Well, some do. I love my cat though...he rocks!!
You will have to post a new pic of your kitten!!!!
Yes, I did have O pain. It wasn't the day I Oed I don't think....but it was around O time. I also had some pains and/or twinges a few days before I tested. It felt like AF was cramps. But...well, you know.
Glad you are going to have a good weekend and you will have plenty to occupy your time!!! Enjoy the kitty!!! I can't wait till Monday!
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