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June 5th, 2009, 10:59 AM
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This is completely off topic, but as I have said before, I use this journal to rant.
I am sure that I have mentioned a time or two that my mother, sister and aunt all work at a daycare center back in NC. Well, they had a meeting last night with the 'money man' from the community college where the center sits. Long story short, there were three layoffs. My sister, Becky, was one of them. Two of our other friends were also laid off. The layoffs were based on who made the most money.

My sister has a degree in education and is licensed to teach any grade from pre K to grade 6, so she was paid based on her education. She is taking it well since she said that the effective date isn't until the end of July and after that point, she will be getting unemployment and may be offered the chance to go back to school. She said she would pursue a master's degree if going to school is offered.

One of our other friends didn't really make that much money but the money people considered that she was getting a special rate for her three daughters (all preschoolers) as part of her salary which meant she was actually making more than anyone else. The other friend is a bit stressed because even though her husband works, he has some medical issues and she is concerned about insurance if he has to go out on medical leave.

My mom and aunt have put in their notices at the day care effective the first full week in July. They were ready to retire anyway and they said that since Becky wouldn't be working there after July, they may as well retire. The two of them are the openers at the day care center which basically means they are the ones who are at the center before 6 am to get ready for the children whose parents bring them at opening (6 am). The only reason they didn't give a shorter notice was that the director of the center (who feels horrible about the layoffs) asked for time to get another pair of openers hired and trained. She knows how hard it will be to find people who are dependable about opening the center since if they call in, she has to come and open the center.

The only reason that anyone is upset about the situation is that they are planning to replace the three teachers with temporary workers who may/may not have any training in child care. The college said it would be more economical because they would be paying these temporary workers not much more than minimum wage.

There are lots of the parents who are upset by changes that will be occurring because Becky teaches the four year olds and their children were looking forward to having Miss Becky for a teacher. My little sis has quite a reputation for preparing little ones quite well for kindergarten and they know that the temporary workers won't be equipped to give the same quality of education to the children as trained, licensed teachers would be.
I just wonder how much of this has to do with a desire by the college to close the center so they can get the money from the endowment that was given to the center (interest yearly off a million dollar endowment actually) by the estate of one of the people that the center is named for. I guess that money would help them fund some more trips for staff and their spouses/partner of the moment to go on 'conferences' at Atlantic Beach.

Anyhow, enough of my ranting. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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