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June 5th, 2009, 02:09 PM
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Have a high FSH level. Was told the odds of getting pregnant about 5% at best. I read a few articles ALL were pretty negative. I did notice a few postings on acupuncture. Well we gave it a try. After 5 treatments. (5 saturdays) The acupunturists asks when was the last time we took a pregancy test. Not to get your hopes up but you have the pulse of a pregnant woman. She could not translate it very well but ... after we got home... took the test and sure enough I was pregnant. 3 weeks pregnant. She said there is a spot on the top of the head to massage to prevent miscarry. Just came back from the doctors. (now 6 weeks pregnant) and everything looks good. VERY HAPPY. I would do a comercial for this woman if I could. Really wanted to share this with everyone. It is a lot less expensive than everything else I was looking into. 75 dollars for the first visit. then about 55 bucks a visit.
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