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June 5th, 2009, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by *nan* View Post
Hey Jackie I hope you get your +OPK this weekend! I thought I missed it this month.. and it turns out I o'd later than I thought..... I hope this is the last month of your long journey!!
Oh I'm sure I still have a few days until I O... I hope I get that smilie face soon!! Thanks for the dust!!

Originally Posted by Coley View Post
C'mon + OPK!!! You can do it!!
I hope my ovaries start listening!!

Originally Posted by fromustobaby View Post
LOL, that is so funny about the left ovary pain, I know exactly what you mean...after getting my HSG, I saw that my left fallopian tube was straight and short, but my right one was thin and winding and, last month, I got right ovary pain, and I was sad...this month, I'm just getting hints of it, and it is definitely the left, and I'm so happy about that...

Oh the things that we do to entertain ourselves
And yes, I think that Waiting to O is the most stressful by far...after Oing, you just have to wait and see, but before Oing - timing everything perfectly, not doing it too much but not doing it too little...ugh! SO STRESSFUL!!
Yes, waiting to O is extremely stressful!!! And welcome to team lefties this month!

Originally Posted by ca_dawson View Post
Jackie, I didn't realize how much we (unfortunately) have in common! I'm surprised your gyn was so reluctant. The minute I told mine we were having painful intercourse (because never realized painful BM's meant anything, I seriously thought that it was in my head!) she scheduled and ultrasound to rule out cysts and was ready to proceed with surgery. She's been very proactive and I love her for that! Even last month when I was way late she was like "I wish you were pregnant" but she's being very proactive in getting me there! I hope you don't need all that, but if you do, I hope it helps you get your BFP soon! And with the one tube thing, I have a family member who had her right tube removed due to a cyst and ended up getting pregnant accidentally while on her honeymoon and on BCP! So anything is positive! Yay for Oing soon!
Yeah, I don't know why my OB/GYN was so hesitant. I'm sad about it really, but like I had mentioned, I guess the tube wouldn't have been fixed and I'd still be waiting for surgery regardless if I had the lap done last year. It just stinks knowing that it *could* have made a big difference, and maybe I wouldn't have needed to waste 4 Clomid cycles. I'm glad you have a proactive doctor and I hope that you get that BFP really really soon!! And I love the idea of getting pregnant with only one tube! I know mine is still functional, just not open towards the end, but it's good to know that things are still possible!!

Well, I'm heading to bed- had a rough night with my parents changing plans and DH's Mom changing plans... this weekend is all screwy now! But, I did hold off from BD'ing (even though I REALLY could've used it!!), and we at least have that to look forward to tomorrow. Good night!!
Our TTC journey: 6 cycles Clomid, lap surgery/ D&C, IUI, 2 x IVF; 41 cycles- BFN.
IVF#1 (March 2010) Transferred two 8-cell grade A (perfect) embies- BFN and heartbroken.

IVF#2/FET#1 (Jan/Feb 2011):Transferred two (7&8 cell) grade A (PERFECT) embies- BFN again.
IVF#3/FET#2 (November 2014) Transferred two perfect blasts- First BFP Ever.

BABY BOY- JULY 2015 @ 34 weeks 6 days

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