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June 6th, 2009, 06:45 AM
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And it was a . I figured it would be though. 8dpo today. I'm going to try and wait until Monday to test again, but who am I kidding lol, I'll probably test tomorrow too if I get up before dh. Since this will be the last, when I get a bfp I want to be creative in telling him lol. I went through my Sept 2007 messages on the AIP board and found my bfp's for Gavin......I was thinking I was 8dpo when I got one with him but I wasn't, I was about 10 dpo.

As for symptoms, not really sure. I've been gassy/constipated but I always get like that before my period too. Getting twinges of soreness in the breasts here n there. But ds also abuses them when he's nursing lol. Was exhausted all day yesterday and seemed to be peeing a lot more than normal. And a very slight bit of nausea here n there. Not really counting anything as symptoms at this point. Well except for one thing. My 2 year old daughter yesterday started poking at my belly and out of the blue said, laughing " in there!". She hasn't been around anyone pregnant recently, we haven't talked about babies and bellies, so I don't know where on earth she came up with that one. Oh and immediately after she said that - a FRER commercial came on TV lol. Guess we'll have to wait to see if her intuition is right!
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