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June 6th, 2009, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by COMommy3 View Post
Sorry about the BFN I hope it is too early to test!! Good luck if you are able to hold off until Monday. Gassy and nauseous and really tired in the afternoons could be very good symptoms!!! Hope it all works out.
Thanks. So far I can attribute every symptom to something else though - tired::I have 6 kids, gassy::I'm always like this b4 periods, nauseous::could just be in my head.

Right now though I keep getting an odd - I don't know how to describe it, not a cramp, not really a pain, but like a dull achey feeling down low and to the left. So not sure if that means anything. My boobs are sore more often today too, but again - I keep thinking about the possiblility of being pregnant so the thoughts alone could be triggering these "symptoms".

Ahhhhh a couple more days lol.
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