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June 7th, 2009, 01:00 AM
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Well I need to make an appt with the chiropractor VERY soon. I think my slight scoliosis might be worse than the dr thought. She said that my shoulders were farely even maybe a little off. But I noticed looking in the mirror today that my left shoulder is 1-2 inches lower than my right, maybe even more than that, it is hard to calculate. The left side of my body is slouched. Its too late for me to not try to get pregnant until Ive had x rays. So in a way I am hoping I dont get prego this cycle. I need those xrays depserately or my lower back is going to be even worse than the normal pregnancy. Ive started having lower back pain all the time, over the simplest tasks.Its gotten a lot worse today, which of course makes me think, who knows maybe I already am, since I am somewhere around 6-7 dpo and it is possible. But I doubt it. I was also constipated(tmi sry) and peeing a TON strange. I didnt think I would notice any symptoms at all this cycle since Im not really paying much attention, but when I kept having to pee SO bad it suddenly popped in my head. Im still hoping it doesnt happen so I can get those x rays of my back and maybe have a more pleasant pregnancy.

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