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June 7th, 2009, 12:26 PM
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Wow, yeah...I didn't have a living child before I lost Cora, so my remarks are a little different but in the same vein. You know, I should be "all better" now that I have living kids.

And Laurie, I agree with was so hard to be told I wasn't going to get to take Cora home and realize that I still had to do the whole labor & delivery thing. Every contraction was a betrayal. The one thing that makes labor and delivery worthwhile was taken from me. There was no point to it.

And as for the pictures...well...You know every funeral I have ever been exposed to that didn't involve cremation they had people taking pictures of the person in the casket. We take pictures to remember.

I get to take pictures of Erin and Patrick every day. I have pictures of them all over my walls. I only have two of Cora up on her shelf. They are all I get. We're not doing it out of some morbid, grotesque fascination. We're doing it because they are our children and we love them just as much as any other child. I hate when people try to rob us of that.
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