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June 7th, 2009, 12:48 PM
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I would love to be surprised with someone saying, 'i am so sorry that must be heartbreaking' instead of what I usually hear. My mom thinks having pictures is morbid too but she just doesn't get it at all and I have tried and tried to explain it but I think with some people they will never understand unless they go through the same loss. I don't like sharing Jake for that reason, I hate explaining and then being told, oh well at least u went on to have more or the comment "You took pictures!?"
Laurie -- rant and vent away, I am sure we all have heard many, many idiot comments that just make you want to scream. BTW that would have been a perfect comment to make about being grateful!

Owen, Avery, Samantha and forever missing Jake born still 08/01/99.

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