Topic: Coley TTC #1
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June 7th, 2009, 07:34 PM
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OMG!! I almost named my dog Cinder - it is such a cute name...

Funny story...
I was waiting tables, and I had already bought the dog, so I was describing him to my tables - a black poodle, super sweet, and I was a Chemsitry major...the two best names were Carbon and Cinder...but, the people who suggested Carbon left me a much bigger tip, so, Carbon it was - LOL!!

Your new kiten is super cute...hope he earns a name soon...ours took about 2 months to get a name, finally, he jumped in the tub while we were giving the dog a bath,a nd just stayed in there - sopping wet!! So Hydro it was...

From then on, we'd come in the door and say "Hydro-Carbon" - HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

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