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June 9th, 2009, 12:49 AM
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My first born child is Liberty Ann. She was due October 29, 2005. This pregnancy was unexpected. It was a wonderful birthday surprise. I had a great pregnancy, everything looked good at all of my appointments. In august my husband & I went to get an ultrasound where they measure the baby and make sure that it is growing correctly. We chose not to know the sex. They measured everything and told us that our doctor would share with us the results, but that he should be moving my date up because the baby was larger than expected. She gave us pictures of the baby and i didn't even notice but she put a date on them. So two weeks later, we went to our regular appointment, and the doctor told us we just have a big baby and that everything is fine. The last week of August I told my 50 hours a week job I had to start my leave because I was having contractions everytime I stood up. Two weeks later my water breaks, I go tto the hospital, they call my doctor. He tells them to stop my labor the baby is 6 weeks earily. I say I don't think so, I want an ultrasound to see the size. I get an ultrasound, they say, the baby is 38 weeks grown, and I said good then it is coming today, I've got plans this weekend. They laugh at me, well it was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party that I helped plan & my baby shower, I didnt want to be in the hospital. Sure enough the next day she was born. 6lbs 3oz 18.5 inches and healthy. Crazy doctor! Oh, and if she was a boy, which is what everyone thought she was going to be his name was going to be Justice Daniel.
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