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June 9th, 2009, 07:26 AM
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Good Mornin'!!

So we're now at CD 24 - 9 DPO. This morning's temp was 97.8 It would've been nice to have a higher temp than yesterday, but I know it's fine... it's the overall pattern that counts, not individual temps. I don't want to read into each and every single temp, because that will just cause me to go batty! DH also had 2 windows open last night. We normally don't sleep with the windows open, but it had just rained and he said it felt nice out. Ugh! Stupid man messin' with my situation!!

I had a slight wave of nausea last night. I put a cool washcloth on my face and that seemed to help. This morning I had to... ahem... poo. This may be TMI... wait, what am I talking about TMI? With the things we discuss on here, I don't know if there even is such a thing as TMI!!

I'm sure some of you have experienced this, but when AF is coming or here, I tend to have the sensation that I constantly have to poo, and it's a different kind of poo. Well, that's what it felt like this morning. So, there's that. Not that it means anything, but... well, there you are.

I've noticed that my bbs seem a touch less sore at the moment. That could also be because I haven't put a bra on yet, and they tend to feel a bit better when they are Free Range. HA!!

After I took my temp this morning, I was laying in bed thinking "Ya know, I've got some extra tests... I really could spare one." So I had a debate with myself. To test or not to test... that is the question. So my rational brain stepped forward and said "Ok, I can see that you are half awake and delirious... so allow me to remind you that you're only 9 DPO! You could be setting yourself up for unnecessary disappointment." With that, I walked into the bathroom, peed, flushed and said "Well, that's that then."

Ah, the sheer will!! "I HAVE THE POWER!!!" (For all of you who laughed... you've just shown your age! HA HA!!!) So, I talked myself down while still half asleep. I'm so very proud. HA!!

Still no other real symptoms to report. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for anything out of the norm and as you should all assume... you'll be the first to know!!

Ok, time to take my pills and check on my girlies!!

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