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June 9th, 2009, 08:29 AM
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Heya! Well CD19 today and I think I had an ov cramp. lol. Although the OPK and charting I think is going to confirm it as CD18 which is good because its different than my usual, if only by a day! And we DTD CD17 afternoon.

I know what you mean about the POAS. I showed hubby and we both felt an awww, if only, with seeing two lines cos of course its only a OPK stick and not a preg test but it still feels good to see TWO pink lines! lol

Anyhoo, just the waiting now. Funny enough Dakota is being more clingy now I am not absorbed on the computer so much. Like the more attention I give her the more she hates it when I have to leave her (like for work or coming here to the library). She had a massive tantrum when I took her to the park but then said I had to go home to get ready for work. SHe was screaming "I don't want to go home, don't go to work! I don't want daddy!' urgh! horrible!
And nursing wise she is asking for more (but not getting)...

Hopefully just a phase! lol, toddlers eh!
Jo xxx

Seperated June 2010 from my husband. One daughter DOB 26/07/2006. BFP 06/01/2011, due september but 'high risk' for premature birth.

Hi. Im Jolene. 31 years old. I suffered three years of a short luteal phase and didnt think I could get pregnant again without medical assistance but fell pregnant by accident and naturally. I am really happy and excited to be having a baby although knowing Im going it alone this time is a bit daunting and scary!

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