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June 9th, 2009, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by kristenpie View Post
That's amazing! Don't feel bad, celebrate!

How did you know when you Oed? Were you charting? Did your cycles just come back normally? I need to learn from you.
My cycle came back on March 11th, next was April 11th, then May 11th (funny huh? lol) So one was 30 days and the other 31 days. I was using OPK's as my only means of charting. I never had any ewcm, never had any O cramps (never have anyway), never temped. Wasn't sure when I'd O so the first cycle I started using the opk's on cd 10 and didn't get a positive until I think it was cd 19. 2nd cycle I got a pos on cd17, and 3rd cycle - conception cycle - pos opk on cd 18 and we dtd early that morning (got the pos opk later that night). After dtd I laid there saying over and over in my head "Swim spermies Swim!" haha i'm serious.

The other way I got pregnant is this lol. My sister was 6 months pregnant when I became pregnant with Ashlyn (pg#6). My best friend was 6 months pregnant when I became pg with Gavin (pg#7) - that was also my 3rd post partum cycle. Well right now, my sister And my best friend are Both 6 months pregnant, and I'm on my 3rd post partum cycle lol. Coincidence? Or just plain freaky lol.

No, you know what the real freaky thing is? My sister had a girl - and 6 mos later I had a girl. My best friend had a boy, and 6 months later I had a boy. Well right sister is having a girl, and my best friend is having a boy. Does this mean I'm having boy girl twins!?!? haha wouldn't that be a trip!

Sorry I tend to babble on when I'm tired lol.
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