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June 10th, 2009, 01:08 PM
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Luckily I wasn't prego and started AF last night, so I can finally go to get x rays!! My back is getting so painful I am definitely happy I am getting to go in for x rays before O comes. My back has thrown my hip so out of whack that when I use it a lot I end up walking on a cane for the next 3 hours at least because it hurts to put any pressure on it. Very interesting... never would ever have thought Id be using a cane at 21, lol! Not to mention my shoulder pops every time I move it, thats always fun. Never thought Id be the one needing to go to the chiropractor so severely.

Anywho, we are using preseed this cycle. Im taking a B-50 complex which of course has B-6 in it. I might go out and just get straight B-6 but I already had the complex so I figure that should be good enough for now. Im taking fish oil, prenatal, extra folic acid(cuz the prenatal doesnt have enough in it), Vitamin D, CoQ10...I think thats it, lol. We are also BDing every day around O that we can. But I am going to be more relaxed about this, I am temping again but after not doing it for only a week I was finally chilled out about it and decided its not really in my hands so I might as well just let it happen when it happens. Im glad I finally have that peace. Its relaxing, lol. Im temping now only to know that I O'd.

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