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June 10th, 2009, 01:22 PM
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Hi, DH & have been TTC but, I try not to get too absorbed in it because, I have tendancy to obsess and get stressed. Anyway, I am having a very odd cycle. About ten days from my last period, I had two days of light bleeding/heavy spotting, no more than a panty liner. Anyway, I thought okay, well this messes up the counting but, I'll just wait until my nexy period and start counting again. Well... if I count from the first day of the first persiod I'm 22 days late and it I count the two days as a period I'm 12 days late. I took a test at 20/10 days late and nothing. Has anyone had this happen? I'm in the process of switching from my DH's old insurance to mine so, I'm not covered right now by anything but COBRA so, I would really like to not go to the doc. but, I'm kind of getting irritated by no BFP or no AF. I'm evening trying to tempt murphy's law by taking all the pads out of my purse and wearing my favorite panties (yes, I'm a wee bit desperate now.) Oh, my name ia Annie, I've been around the board for while but most in the birthmom and heated debate section.
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