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June 10th, 2009, 08:30 PM
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oh boy I'd have a lot to wrap my mind around if it were twins lol. I used to wish for twins, but now that I already have 6 kids - I'd be scared to have twins lol. Of course if i were i'd be thrilled but definitely scared out of my mind.

DH won't let me buy more tests lol, I did go to the women's center today for confirmation and boy were they confused!! I took the test, she sat it on the table and we're watching it (same test as the dollar store tests). Immediately the test line showed up super dark. Then after what seemed like minutes, the control line showed very very faintly. She said "It's negative, you're not pregnant". So I had to tell her, yes I am and explain several times that the T is the Test line and C is control line, if you're not pregnant only the Control line shows and not the test line. She kept trying to tell me I had it backwards. Finally after 20 minutes of 'arguing' with her, she got 2 other ladies from the office, they both told her 'that's the most positive test I've ever seen!!'. She quickly got very embarassed and me and the other 2 had a good laugh about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her if I can take the test home! I thought about it when I was halfway home lol. Maybe I'll sneak off to the dollar store tomorrow for a test just for the heck of it lol.

I have no doubt though that the hcg is rising. I'm sicker by the day, and I swear my water bill will double with how often I've been using the bathroom lol.
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