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June 12th, 2009, 02:55 PM
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Hello all!
Okay this might be long. well it probably will so hope you can keep up! lol.
Im amber im 23. and my so(joe) is 22. Anyways his family is INSANE! im not even joking. His parents are high catholic people.. and you MUST follow! Joe will get kicked out of his house if he misses church even once!. well when we first met he knew i had a child from a prev . relationship. But his parents didnt. I met them thought they were nice (Of course). they were nice to me for about 2 weeks. and then they decided they didnt like me..then liked me ect.. then his parents almost kicked him out when we were together 2-3 months. then again 4 months. his parents treated him like crap. and they think money is everything also. They have a very nice house way to big for four people. and his dad wont spend a penny more then he has too. Like.. he wont go out to eat unless he has a coupon. Joe didnt even know what a mortgage was while growing up.. cause his dad always paid cash for there houses/cars ect... so as time went on his parent banned me from there house because i dont parent like them..because they were soooo "Perfect" parents.they also thought i was holding him back because i already have a child. they are scared we would ever get married cause it would ruin everything . and they told joe many times they would called child services on me because my child wasn't cathloic. His parents are not happy in their marriage either. they always talk about killing/leaving each other..they always fight. and joe has never seen a healthy marriage ever.. his parents try to get him to changes his mind about me for money..his parents told him they would give him 500 to leave me. But he didnt.
Well all the stress with his family i cant deal with it and broke up with him. and some other things cause his dad is such a jerk. and his mom is just nuts. but we still see each other.. i miss him like crazy. but unsure what to do. his family is crazy seriously crazy..but all these people tell us we are great together ect and it breaks my heart. He still lives at home also so that doesnt help either..
im wondering if i should even try to work it out even with his crazy family? what do you guys do?
Also i dont want kids with him. because his family is insane i would NEVER trust them. Also i banned them from seeing my child awhile back. so they do not come close to her at all.
anyways thanks for your time..ack..
Theres way more but i'll leave it at this lol
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